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Vision in teams is about looking ahead to the future. Our visions and insights into the future usually consist of seeing the future needs of the people. Sometimes a vision comes during times of hardships. Team have always had the vision to look ahead and plan and prepare, not for themselves, but for everyone who is to come. Our foundation is based on the knowledge of knowing our community, knowing our people, knowing our visions, and knowing our culture.

Every member of our team, is a true leader and true leaders have a vision, they know traditional ways, they share and develop leadership, serve and protect the team community, develop trust, and show respect for all people. They are chosen in time of need because they have vision toward the future. They assume a leadership role, not because he or she has chosen that leadership position, but because that leadership role has chosen him or her. 


A Team is a shared leadership, guided and sustained by elders through the teaching of language and telling of stories. our team, is about role and relationships, the team is made up of men, women, families, children, moms and dads, grandpas, grandmas, aunts and uncles. All have a role in the leadership of the team. All are part of the sacred circle. It is this shared role that binds the people as one and provides a role model for leadership.